20160823_133903I stand for equal pay, for everyone, every day.  What do you stand for?  Here is some info from Atlanta Women for Equality (AWE) about racial disparities in equal pay and social activism in that regard:

Today, *Tuesday, August 23, 2016*, Atlanta Women for Equality (AWE) will once again recognize Black Women’s Equal Pay Day with its *#ClockOut4EqualPay  project*.  Other organizations from across the country, including National  Women’s Law Center, American Association of University Women, Equal Pay Today!, and 9to5-National Association of Working Women, are joining this initiative to raise awareness about the wage gap Black women in the workforce face and to push for eradication of all unjust pay disparities.

In contrast to the more widely recognized $0.79 figure for women in
general, the average Black woman working full-time year-round earns only
$0.60 for every dollar a white, non-Hispanic man earns. Thus, in order to
take home the same amount that a typical white man would have received
during the 2015 calendar year, a typical Black woman would need to continue
working for over 8 months into 2016. To put that into perspective, over a
40-year career, a Black woman will lose $877,480 as a result of the
staggering disparity. In other words, in order to catch up to what white
men would earn in the course of their careers, Black women would need to
work an additional 23 years!

The #ClockOut4EqualPay social media campaign is designed to recognize and
bring awareness about this grave inequity. Last year, AWE’s efforts reached
millions of people and were recognized by national and international news
outlets, and we plan to reach even more people this year!