Fulton County Superior Court Candidates Forum
April 1, 2016

All are welcome to attend the Fulton County Superior Court Candidates Forum that will take place on Wednesday, April 13, from 5…

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Elder Abuse: Who’s At Risk
March 28, 2016

Elder abuse can be physical, psychological, emotional, financial, sexual, or result from negligence for failing to provide necessary care and treatment. …

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Women of the Bar Event on March 10
February 25, 2016

I look forward to attending the Gate City Bar Association Women of the Gate City Bar event on March 10. Please…

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Who’s Caring for ‘Nana in the Nursing Home?
February 15, 2016

Although many would rather do so, there are numerous reasons why some simply cannot care for their loved ones at home.   As a result, a…

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Welcome to Our New Website and Blog
November 10, 2015

I will be writing about my practice, my clients (with permission), pertinent or interesting legal issues and other helpful resources. Please…

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