Exec Comm Member Dawn Jones at EC/GA Supreme Court joint meeting during retreat

Elected to the State Bar of Georgia Executive Committee (“EC”) in 2016, Dawn Jones travels to monthly EC meetings held all over Georgia to fulfill her EC duties and responsibilities.  The February 2017 EC meeting was held at the beautiful Montage Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina, approximately 40 minutes from Savannah.  This two-day event included a retreat with Supreme Court of Georgia justices and the Clerk of Court.  Working over the course of those two days, the EC and the Supreme Court of Georgia held separate meetings on Friday, February 17, 2017, to address their respective agenda items, as well as a joint meeting held early Saturday morning on February 18, 2017.  The joint meeting allowed each body to share their perspectives on several major issues and discuss concerns relative to the bench and the bar.  As a result of this retreat, which included everyone dining together Friday and Saturday evening, the relationship between these two groups was undeniably strengthened.  Dawn was proud to be a part of the weekend. And she was grateful for the opportunity to develop new relationships and fortify current relationships with EC members and justices alike. Having the State Bar of Georgia EC members and bar staff come together with the Supreme Court of Georgia Justices and Clerk of Court provided a unique opportunity to share thoughts, ideas and insights. Lawyers and judges working together and supporting each other in this way will certainly benefit the bar and our clients.