Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (“GABWA”) Executive Committee members, past Presidents and founders met in Southwest Atlanta for GABWA’s annual Leadership Tea held the afternoon of February 26, 2017. This event allowed attendees to discuss and share their experiences about leadership, pose questions to past leaders, and grow in their leadership skills. The discussions were held in small group settings that allowed for more intimate conversations, as each group moved from one “team” of past leaders to another during the course of the afternoon.   Dawn welcomed the chance to share her perspective on what makes a great leader.

GABWA Past Presidents, including Dawn Jones, pose with GABWA Founder Judge Barbara Harris and 2017 GABWA President Tori Silas following the 2017 GABWA Annual Leadership Tea

A great leader includes someone who is not only focused on what she wants to accomplish on behalf of the organization she is leading, but who also is invested in the development of those with whom she serves.  Patrise Perkins-Hooker graciously hosted this event, which was coordinated by past GABWA Presidents Judge Kimberly Adams and Joy Lampley Fortson.  Dawn has been an active member of GABWA since 1998, when she attended her first GABWA Annual Blue Jeans Brunch as a law student.