Do you wantvote-i to ensure that every Georgia voter who has the right to vote is able to cast a ballot that will be counted in November?  Do you have a couple of hours to volunteer on November 8th?  Do you have two hours to give to a volunteer training within the next couple of weeks?  If you have answered YES to these three questions, then we invite you to join The Firm of Dawn M. Jones, LLC in volunteering for the upcoming Georgia Non-Partisan Election Protection (“EP”) efforts throughout the State of Georgia on November 8th.  Please see this EP flyer, click on the link contained therein (near the bottom of the flyer), and register as indicated.  Please share this info with your family, neighbors, friends, classmates and co-workers.  We look forward to working with you, to support the right to vote and to ensure that every valid ballot cast is counted.  See you on November 8th!!!